We want
survivor justice served.

Sexual violence is never the victim’s fault. Our attorneys help survivors navigate a hostile and confusing legal system, access justice, and hold perpetrators and institutions accountable.

What We Do

Our advocacy centers on the survivor’s needs, is trauma-informed and intersectional, based in anti-oppression, race and gender equity principles. SVLC protects the privacy, safety, and civil rights of survivors of sexual violence, and helps them to reclaim their lives through:

Legal Services

Legal assistance and representation


Policy reform, amicus support, technical assistance


Trainings and

STRATEGIC Initiatives

Technology based abuse 

Your Rights

Sexual violence can have lasting impacts on all aspects of a survivor’s life, including legal consequences in many areas. It is important that a survivor is aware of their rights and options.


Should you qualify for compensation or state or federal benefits due to the assault and its long term impact?

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Education (Title IX)

Are you experiencing trouble at school because of how administration is responding to your assault?

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Do you have debts or financial obligations related to the sexual assault?

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Are you needing to move or break a lease because of the assault?

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Do you fear deportation or your immigration status being in jeopardy?

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Are you afraid for your safety and need the perpetrator to stay away?

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Were you arrested after reporting your assault or being investigated for false reporting?

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Are you at risk of losing your job because of reporting sexual assault or harassment?

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Family Law

Based on the relationship to your abuser, are you now seeking divorce or custody?

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Are you unable to access appropriate medical and mental health services?

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Is your private information or images being shared, requested or compromised?

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Victim Rights

Are you looking to report to police or is your case being charged?

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Accurate and timely information about legal options and legal rights can assist both survivors and providers. If you don’t find the answer in our online resources, call our legal line at (844) 991-SVLC during business hours or email us to discuss your case and legal needs.

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