About Us

The Sexual Violence Law Center (SVLC) is a nonprofit law firm that seeks to improve the legal response to survivors of sexual violence. Our advocacy is based in race and gender equity principles. SVLC is the only legal aid program of its kind in Washington, providing holistic legal assistance and representation exclusively to victims of sexual violence, assault, abuse, harassment and stalking.

Our Approach

SVLC seeks to break and reshape the legal system that has upheld rape culture, victim blaming and gender-based violence, building our work on the shoulders of giants like Kimberle Crenshaw, Anita Hill, Christine Blasey Ford, Sarah Deer, and Tarana Burke. Instead of working on only one legal issue, we provide holistic legal services, meaning we address all the survivor’s legal needs as a consequence of the sexual violence.

Knowing Our History

Sexual violence, the shaming of survivors, and erasure of their experience has long been a brutal part of human history, including here in the United States. Our laws and legal systems have too often upheld and maintained a culture of rape and violence that continue to reverberate through today: the genocide and rape of our indigenous communities that has birthed the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement; the epidemic of sexual violence and brutality against black women, from Sally Hemings to Recy Taylor; the alarming rate of sexual violence and homicide of transgender women and gender nonconforming people; entire communities turning a blind eye to Missoula or Stuebenville or entire industries to Weinstein, Cosby, Nassar and Epstein. Communities and systems have failed survivors for too long.

Our Staff

Our staff provide holistic, trauma-informed legal assistance to victims of sexual violence in a wide variety of legal matters. We also provide technical assistance and trainings to advocates, attorneys, and judges working with victims of sexual violence.

Ailise Delaney
Staff Attorney
Alex Bejaran Estevez
Staff Attorney
Amy Saraí Diaz
Brenda Villa
Project Safety Navigator
Cat Holmes
Staff Attorney
Coco Decker
Engagement Lead
Elisabeth Friedman
Staff Attorney

Elizabeth Hendren (she/her)
Advocacy Counsel
Elizabeth Tonti 
Senior Staff Attorney
Melissa Guadarrama


Riddhi Mukhopadhyay
Executive Director
Sara Mooney
Pro Bono Counsel
Shontrana Gates-Wertman (she/her)
Staff Attorney

Yvonne Chin
Legal Director

Our Board

The dedication of our Board of Directors is central to SVLC’s success and sustainability.

Natalie Dolci
University of Washington
Board Chair
Leah Griffin
Washington State Association for Justice
Board member
Camille McDormand
Office of the Attorney General
Board member
Michelle Muri
Freedom Conspiracy | The Ethical Rainmaker
Board member
Michelle Osborne
Mindspring Equity Consulting
Board member
Jenn Ozawa
On Point Realty
Board member
Salma Siddick
City of Seattle
Board member
Evangeline Stratton
Family Violence Appellate Project
Board Clerk
Brendon Taga
Olympic College
Board member
Amarinthia Torres
Coalition Ending Gender Based Violence
Board Treasurer
David Ward
Office of the Attorney General
Board member

Our Survivor Council

Our work is informed by survivors in our communities we’ve served. The Survivor Council shapes our policy work, improves legislation and informs media. If you are a survivor wanting to engage in systemic advocacy, please contact us.


Accurate and timely information about legal options and legal rights can assist both survivors and providers. If you don’t find the answer in our online resources, call our legal line at (844) 991-SVLC during business hours or email us to discuss your case and legal needs.

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